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If you want to tame your frizzy hair  you have to know what it is and what causes it.  Frizzy hair can occur for a variety of reasons and here, we will explore some of the most common culprits that turn your hair into a frizz halo.

Why is My Hair Frizzy?

Why does my hair get frizzy is a question that is asked all the time. So why is my hair frizzy, you ask? What are the causes of frizzy hair? What is that horrible fuzz that creates a halo around your head that any angelic being would envy and risk eternal damnation to obtain?All of you who have to deal with frizzy dry hair on daily basis know the challenges we face.  Ok, I know it’s not the end of the world, but humor me.  Our hair is our crowning glory and especially for those of us who live in humid climes, our ongoing battle with frizz makes us want to stay inside, wear a hat, cut it or chop it off (wait, what?).

Picture of a girl who needs to tame frizzy hair
tame frizzy hair

How Can I Tame My Frizzy Hair?

Many people look for the answer to tame frizzy hair questions constantly.  How many times have you gone to the hair salon and come out with perfect hair only to step into the elements and have it poof up like a fuzz ball?  I’ve asked myself the question of how can I get rid of my frizzy hair all my life.  I’ve come to the conclusion that getting rid of my frizzy hair is not something that’s going to happen, so then I must learn to work with what God gave me.  I must learn what products work best to get rid of dry frizzy hair, what are some home remedies that I can use on my frizzy hair, and what am I doing that is possibly causing my hair damage.

Factors that May Cause Your Hair to Frizz

There are many factors that can cause your hair to frizz up or look like Fuzzy Wuzzy bear.  But why do we get frizzy hair? The structure of the hair shaft or cuticle makes your hair frizzy.  Our hair is not a single layer but rather, the hair’s cuticle, or outer layer, looks like a tiled or shingled roof.  When hair is dry, those shingles or tiles are raised, thus causing the frizz.

The hair cuticle is made up of tile-like shingles that will raise to cause the frizzy hair halo.
The hair cuticle is made up of tile-like shingles that will raise to cause that dreaded frizzy hair halo.

My Hair is Frizzy and Dry

Hair is frizzy and dry because it is a vicious cycle.  Naturally curly or wavy hair tends to be frizzy and dry, so inevitably, those of us with wavy frizzy hair suffer from frizz more than those who have straight silky hair.  My hair is dry, damaged, and brittle  is a common complaint from those who have the frizzies.

Help me tame my frizzy hair!!
Help me tame my frizzy hair!!

You May be Causing Your Frizzy Hair!

There are also things that you may be doing that can cause frizzy hair.

You may not be drinking enough water and that not only dries out your skin but also your hair.  And guess what, when your hair is dry it is…you guessed it frizzy!

You also may be over conditioning your hair which causes it to turn oily and lose its shape earlier than expected thus forcing you to wash again and strip it of all its natural oils.

The way you towel dry your hair may also affect your frizz factor.  Regular towels may raise the cuticle-remember those little tiles on your hair shaft?-when you’re drying your hair and you are just creating more damage to your hair.

You may be brushing your hair while it’s dry.  And this can do two things:  it can stretch out the hair and cause breakage and it can raise the little tiles, or cuticle, and cause frizz.

How can I get rid of my frizzy hair?

But don’t despair! We’ll show you how to get rid of frizzy hair and have gorgeous silky locks. You’ve come to the right place.  Here, we’ll wage the war against frizz and give you frizzy hair tips that will tame frizzy hair and get you to love your hair once more.

It's time to fight the frizz and tame your frizzy hair!
It’s time to fight the frizz and tame your frizzy hair!