A Magic Pill: Change your hair texture forever!

magic pill that can change your hair texture
magic pill that can tame frizzy hair and change your hair texture

A magic pill can change your hair texture?  It’s not magic; it’s science!  We’ve all wished for an easy way to deal with our hair.  Let’s face it.  Most people are not satisfied with their hair type.  Those who have curly hair wished for bone straight locks, while those with limp hair wish for voluminous and voluptuous curls.  Well, guess what?  Your dream may come true sooner than you think.  Scientists have discovered that the shape or texture of a person’s hair is determined deep in the hair follicle.  You can read about what gives hair its texture here.

tame frizzy hair and how to get rid of frizzy hair
Taylor Swift goes from curly to straight.

At the root of what makes your hair curly or straight (no pun intended), is the hair bulb.  The hair bulb goes deep in the scalp–about 4 millimeters.  For people with straight hair, the bulb is straight but with people with curly hair the bulb is hooked so when the hair grows out of the scalp it keeps the shape in the bulb.


So how does learning this provide insight into changing hair texture? By identifying the gene responsible for hair type, researchers can manipulate this gene and possibly alter the structure of the hair.   Scientists believe that this could be accomplished through drugs or even hormones.

a magic pill can change your hair texture
Scientists have discovered the root cause of hair texture.

But would you take a pill that contained hormones to change the texture of your hair?  I’d be weary of taking some kind of hormone just because I wanted to change the texture or shape of my hair.  As it is, we wouldn’t know the side-effects.  However, imagine that there would be no adverse side-effects.  A girl can dream, no?  Imagine getting rid of relaxers, perms, keratin treatments…Oh, perchance to dream!

And what could be next? Change your hair color?  Get rid of grays?  Eradicate balding? It’s all possible ladies.  The future of hair is ours.


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