How to Get Your Hair Silky and Shiny

how to get hair silky and shiny and tame frizzy hair
how to get hair silky and shiny and tame frizzy hair

Every woman dreams of getting their hair silky and shiny. And silky and shiny hair is actually within your reach. There are some things that you must do, or conversely, stop doing to ensure that your mane is as luscious and luxurious as silk on a sunny day.

how to get your hair silky and shiny
Silky shiny hair is every woman’s dream.

1. Don’t shampoo with hot water. Use cold water, even in the winter. Yes, I know this is hard and sometimes, I don’t even do this myself, but believe me. Rinsing with cold water does make a difference.

2. Use a sulfate-free shampoo. Using a shampoo that does not lather as much (which is what will happen) means that there are not sulfates in the shampoo. Your hair doesn’t really need all the harsh chemicals and be stripped down of all its oils. Guess what? The oil is what gives it the shininess you crave. So if you’re over washing with a harsh shampoo, then STOP IT!

Get Hair Silky and Shiny

3. Skip a day. You really shouldn’t wash your hair every day. Read rule number 2. This will over dry your hair and strip it of its moisture. Dry hair equals dull lackluster hair.

4. Use a good conditioner and an even better conditioning mask once a week. Make sure your conditioner is moisturizing enough but every once in awhile your hair needs an extra dose of moisture. You can use a store-bought hydrating mask, or you can make one at home with natural products.

5. Blot dry your hair using a t-shirt style towel or an old t-shirt. I can’t say this enough. The little “hooks” on cotton towels will rub against your hair and roughen up the cuticle. This will make it look frizzy and everybody knows that frizzy hair does not shine.

6. When you blow-dry your hair, make sure that the nozzle is pointed downward. This is in the direction of the hair. If you point the nozzle counter to the hair shaft you will be lifting up the cuticle and creating frizz.

7. Make sure you use a serum before and after you heat style or air style your hair. Serums work wonders for depositing shine on your hair shaft. Make sure you pick one that will not weigh down your hair and make it look greasy.

Doing these simple things will ensure that your hair is silky and shiny and the frizz is minimized!

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