How to Tame Frizzy Hair Without Straightening It

how to tame frizzy hair without straightening it
how to tame frizzy hair without straightening it

How to tame frizzy hair without straightening it sounds like an oxymoron.  Anyone with wavy or curly hair can tell you that frizz is often part of the package.  But wavy frizzy hair or curly frizzy hair does not necessarily need to be straightened to get that silky smooth sheen that flat ironing the hair can do to us frizz tops.  There are ways to get rid of frizzy hair without using heat products or styling products that can inflict further damage to the hair.

As said in previous posts, taming your frizzy hair starts when you wash your hair.

  • Washing your hair:  Using the right shampoo and conditioner is critical to ensure that your hair does not frizz once it dries.  Why is this?  Wavy frizzy hair or wavy curly hair tends to be drier than straight hair.  The reason for this is that the natural oils in the scalp of curly or wavy tops do not reach the ends as much as they do for straight haired folks.  Using a shampoo that will not dry out your hair is part of a hair care routine that will help you tame frizzy hair without straightening it.  Make sure you read the labels of the products you are using.  Buy a shampoo that is sulfate free.  Sure, it may not lather as much but that’s actually a good thing.  All that excess foam is unnecessary for the cleansing of your scalp and is actually drying out your locks.  The second step of your hair washing routine is the conditioner.  Use a conditioner that has natural oils such as coconut oil or even jojoba oil.  These are oils that can nourish your hair.  And the benefits of oils, especially coconut oil which is one of the few oils that can actually penetrate the hair at the molecular level, can be experienced almost immediately.  Make sure that the conditioner you’re using is a hydrating conditioner.  Do not leave it on longer than the recommended time because most experts say that it won’t really make a difference.
  • Washing with the right water temperature:  If you wash your hair with hot water then you are setting yourself up for the frizz monsters to rear their ugly head, especially if you rinse with warm or hot water.  This is because the warm temperature of the water opens up the cuticle in the hair shaft and leaves your hair prone to frizziness once it dries.  So the lesson is that if you feel the need to immerse your hear in warm or nearly hot water when you shower, at least make sure to get the temperature of the water as cold as possible when you rinse.  This way the cuticle will be sealed and prevent frizzy hair when your hair dries.
  • Towel-drying your hair:  Drying your hair with a regular towel can be very damaging to your hair.  The little loops in cotton towels tend to  rub against your hair shaft and rough up the cuticle.  This is disastrous for controlling frizz.  As stated before, using a towel made of t-shirt material or even using an old t-shirt can make a huge difference when drying your hair in terms of preventing frizz.
  • Adding a leave-in conditioner:  A leave-in conditioner is a must if you want to tame frizzy hair without straightening it.  A leave-in conditioner can add moisture and coat the hair with oils and sometimes wax to prevent that cuticle from opening up and absorbing humidity from the environment.  If you’re really wanting to wash and go, then a good leave in product is essential.
  • Setting the curls or waves:  If you have wavy or curly hair, you know that if you just let your hair air dry, you’ll end up looking like a lion.  Might be nice for a lion but not for those of us who need to get somewhere and we want our hair to look our best without all the added fuss or muss.  One way to do this is to wrap your hair in a t-shirt towel and letting them dry under the towel.  This method is called plopping the hair and you can read about it here.  You can also use a curl enhancing mousse or shaping pomade or gel.  You may have to experiment with some of these products because they may tend to leave the hair feeling crunchy and “wet” looking.  If this is not the look you’re going for, then you may want to skip this process.
  • Letting it air dry:  Sounds scary, right? Not really.  You may try experimenting with this method.  Follow  the washing procedures mentioned above and let your hair air dry.  Once it’s dry, get some styling balm or spritz some leave-in conditioner to shape the waves or curls into the shape your want.  This will not work for all hair types, especially the most stubborn frizz, but it does work for most.
  • Pampering your hair:  Don’t forget to treat your hair every once in awhile to a spa day.  This means giving your hair a mask made of delicious hair-repairing ingredients that will be sure to tame your mane.

How to Tame Frizzy Hair Without Straightening It

Getting rid of frizzy hair without using heat styling tools and products may seem an overwhelming task, but in reality, this is something that you can experiment doing by using different products.  In the end, dry, damaged hair is the culprit for frizzy hair.  Making your hair healthy begins from within by following a daily nutritious regimen filled with antioxidant-rich foods.  Remember that all beauty comes from within:  literally and figuratively.  If you take care of yourself and your body, all will fall into place.  Usually the first signs of poor health are evident in the skin, nails, and hair.   So nourish your hair and it will show you gratitude by being the crowning glory that we all want to carry on our heads!

how to tame frizzy hair without straightening it
Beautiful curls can be achieved without straightening the hair first or using heating tools.
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