The Grey Hair Trend

the grey hair trend
the grey hair trend

The grey hair trend is relatively new. A few years ago women fought to hide their grey hair and even now most women fight to prevent gray hairs from showing.  But lately we’ve been seeing something quite different on the red carpet, celebrity magazines, and our local salons.  This grey hair trend is not your grandma’s grey hair.  Oh no, this hair ranges from platinum silver grey to lavender grey and it’s mostly young girls and guys in their teens and twenties who are sporting the look.  There are also many “older” women who are giving up the dye bottle and letting their inner silver fox come out–and they look stunning.  Fashion experts are now saying that this year, grey is the new blonde and that you can expect to see it on the screen, in print, and on the catwalk.

how to color my hair grey and tame frizzy hair
Katja Wassermeyer, photographer, has captured this trend beautifully in this photo of a model with stunning platinum hair.

The grey hair trend:  Women embrace granny hair

But what do you need to do to get your hair to be grey?  Achieving the iced platinum or deep lavender look is not as simple as it may seem since in essence, getting the hair to turn a color that only Elsa would appreciate requires many steps that you probably should not try at home.  This first thing I’d tell you to do is to go see your hair stylist since grey hair must be first bleached and then toned to achieve that grey look.  Your hair needs to be stripped of all of it’s color and then a toner of your choice must be applied.  Obviously, this should be accomplished in the hands of an expert unless you are going for the unicorn look (that’s for another post–the multi streaked colors).

Grey hair is the new blonde

Silver hair is in and  no matter your age or skin tone, if you’d like to rock the new blonde:  grey, go to you stylist and ask him or her which shade of steel would look best for you.  As always, make sure your hair is in tip top shape to undergo all the processing and chemical damage needed to become a silver fox.

Celebrities with grey hair

tame frizzy hair get the grey hair trend
Kelly Osbourne stuns with this icy platinum look.
the grey hair trend tame frizzy hair
Pink rocks this platinum look. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for DCP)
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