Meet Lob: The Hot New Trend in Haircuts for 2016

lob haircut for curly frizzy hair
lob haircut for curly frizzy hair

Okay, ladies, TameFrizzyHair has been scouring the net and reading up on the hot new trend in haircuts.  These are the latest hair trends and we’ve found them.  The bob, or lob when it’s a bit longer.  The lob, the bob’s older sister, has been around since the 1920s but everything that goes around comes around.  And this slightly longer version of the bob is making the rounds in Hollywood.  The lob strikes the perfect balance between short and long and it fits almost any hair texture and curl.

Best of all, this year’s lob has that care-free tousled look that anyone can sport.  We’ve seen it in the likes of Jessica Alba, January Jones, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Taylor Swift.

What’s best, is that’s there are many variations of the lob.  There’s the blunt lob with no layers.  Just shoulder length hair: unpretentious and clean looking.

Then there’s the long lob with layers. This is a wonderful solution for those of us who have natural waves or curls.  The trick is to have the hair cut with the wave or curl pattern in mind so that you’re not constantly fighting your hair to get it to go where it doesn’t want to.

The Hot New Trend in Haircuts

So whether you decide to go for the shorter bob, or the longer lob, you’ll be in good company-with the A-list celebrities that top Hollywood’s fashion magazines.

Next time you go to the salon, ask your stylist about getting a lob for your hair.  You’ll be instantly transformed into a gloriously chic and glamorous goddess.  And your hair will thank you for it because chances are, all the dead split ends and damaged hairs will be chopped off and on the floor ready to be swept into oblivion.

lob haircut the new trend how to tame frizzy hair
Taylor Swift rocks her lob.
lob hair trend how to tame frizzy hair
Beyonce shows off her golden beach waves in this off the shoulder lob.
lob hair trend how to tame frizzy hair
Jennifer Lopez stuns in this natural look with tousled waves and a shoulder length lob.
lob hair trend how to tame frizzy hair
January Jones keeps it elegant and chic with loosely tossed waves int this off the shoulder lob.
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